10-Capital does its best to ensure that the privacy, confidentiality and security of its clients are preserved, both during their interactions with the company and afterwards. The company is committed to this privacy pledge to the fullest extent.

  1. Clients who open an account with 10-Capital acknowledge their willingness to share with the company certain private information in order to do business together. 10-Capital uses this information to confirm the client’s identity and to help ensure the security of the trading accounts, deposits and withdrawals. This data is collected in accordance with our stringent verification procedures, which are used to help ensure the security and safety of our customer’s trading activity and to deter identity theft and international money laundering.
  2. The client’s duty towards the company is to supply the true, current and accurate identity information. Clients are required to confirm categorically that they have opened an account and are trading on their own behalf. In addition, clients must state that they are not seeking to act at any time or in any manner that could be considered fraudulent and are not seeking to impersonate other individuals for any purpose.
  3. Part of 10-Capital’s data collection procedures includes the collection of client’s information as disclosed freely with the company. The company also places cookies in order to gather data about the client’s interaction with the 10-Capital website. These information-gathering tools are used to help ensure the customer’s own security. All data collected is shared only with persons within the company who are involved with customer account information verification for the specific purpose of helping ensure the customer’s confidentiality and security.
  4. 10-Capital will never disclose private or confidential information about our clients and former clients to any third party without the client’s express written consent, except in specific cases in which disclosure is required by law or is necessary to perform client identity verification analysis to safeguard their account and secure their personal information.
  5. By registration with 10-Capital and through voluntary interactions with 10-Capital ’s products and services, clients authorize and agree that they consent to the use by 10-Capital of all or part of the information supplied related to their 10-Capital trading account, the transactions they undertake through the site and the interactions which they have with the company. All interactions the customer has with 10-Capital are saved by the company for the purposes of record. This recorded information may be employed by the company in case if a dispute between the client and 10-Capital arises.
  6. 10-Capital makes the utmost effort in order to ensure the confidentiality of its client’s personal data, including data protection procedures that are designed to ensure client confidentiality. 10-Capital updates its data protection policy regularly to help ensure that client’s confidential information is safeguarded on an ongoing basis.
  7. Occasionally, 10-Capital may contact clients by email or phone to offer them additional information about 10-Capital’s CFD’s. In addition, the company may, from time to time, contact clients to inform them of unique promotions offered by 10-Capital. Clients consent to the terms and conditions of use when registering with 10-Capital. Clients wishing to opt out of further contacts with 10-Capital at any time are entitled to do so; simply contact the company by email or phone to request that no further contact regarding promotions on behalf of the company will be made.

More Tools, More Trades

Finally there’s a trading platform that has everything traders have been asking for. All in one convenient location. 10-Capital has many trade types, unique trading tools and a huge range of assets. 10-Capital also provides the most advanced charting for CFD traders to ensure trades are placed accurately. Now you can trade with ease and confidence.

Everything You Need

The 10-Capital trading platform was created to address the real needs of the traders and to bring a much needed level of understanding and service to the rapidly growing CFD landscape. The 10-Capital platform was set up by a group of professional experts of the financial and internet industries who want to deliver a simple yet powerful trading experience which redefines CFD trading. Discover exactly how we did it by taking a look around the site today. The10-Capital personnel includes experienced professionals in derivatives, Forex, risk management, compliance, payment processing, international law & legislation.

Trading Environment

At 10-Capital we are committed to provide the most comprehensive, intuitive and secure trading environment where anyone from the most experienced trader, to a complete novice, can trade CFD’s in the simplest yet smartest way. The unique look and feel of the trading platform has been designed to be easy to use, while being powerful enough to give traders money management features found nowhere else online.

Responsive To Your Needs

The 10-Capital team is here to help no matter what your needs are. One of our main targets is to provide a responsive and accurate support that delivers complete client satisfaction. We will endeavor to provide a response immediately. Client support is available through a comprehensive range of channels including live chat, email, Skype or phone.




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