Fired Employee Made $1,670,000 

Fired Employee Made $1,670,000 

When Andy Abrahams was fired on October 2018, he was convinced that the end of the world had arrived. Just a year after he got married and only a month after his eldest daughter Jenny was born, the DIY chain store where he worked didn’t care and decided to let him go anyway. “They decided to eliminate the gardening products’ department and the next day my manager simply called me in, shook my hand and said he couldn’t keep me any longer. I had worked there for eight years since graduating high school, but for the chain I was just a line in the computer, and the time had come for them to simply erase that line,” he says. Andy’s story is no different than the stories of thousands of other blue collar workers worldwide.

“Andy’s story is no different than the stories of thousands of other blue collar workers worldwide.”

Companies merge, businesses contract, jobs are eliminated, and the life of ordinary people as they know it is gone in a split of a second. “During the first week, I helped my wife with the baby,” said Andy. “On the second week, I lay in bed and cried. In the third week, I tried to help my brother at the auto body shop where he worked, but they had nothing to offer me. In the fourth week I drank, and in the fifth week, I almost put a bullet through my head.”
Andy spiraled into decline and friends remember that he became remote and barely spoke to his wife, Lorena, who now admits she even considered leaving him and going back to live with her parents. “Months after he was fired,” said Lorena, “living with Andy did not seem like the most promising future for Jenny and me.”

John Green, a high school friend of Andy’s, was the man who saved Andy from himself. Green has lived in Manhattan since graduating from college and came to the small town where Abrahams lived to visit his parents. Green and Abrahams met for a beer at the local pub and Green told Andy that a growing number of people are investing in 10-Capital, the foreign exchange market, with unprecedented success.

“Growing number of people are investing in Stock and Commodities with unprecedented success.”

“He told me that this was not for him and that he did not know how to operate a computer. So I took his smartphone and opened an account with 10-Capital in front of his eyes. And because I love him, I deposited $500 in the account, at 10-Capital in front of his eyes.” laughs Green.

Green explained to Andy how simple and easy it is to trade 10-Capital. All he needed to do is to predict whether a value of a certain currency will rise or fall vs a value of another currency, in pairs. “I even showed him my personal account with 10-Capital so he could see for himself how easy it is to trade. When he was still not sure I showed him the impressive Academy 10-Capital has so he can see how easy it is to learn. After he saw that and the balance on my account, he was convinced!” remembers Green.

On the first evening he started trading, Abrahams made $20; more than 10% of his initial investment. “I spent these $20 on four beers that I bought for John and me,” tells Andy.

“After that, in the first week, I was mainly used the 10-Capital’s training videos and online guides to get a good feel for how to trade. 10-Capital’s technical support helped me with solving any issues I’ve had in the first couple of days. I couldn’t believe how simple it was.” smiles Andy.
“It took me a few days to share this with Lorena but she already realized on her own that things are getting better. . . After a few days sitting in front of the screen and rubbing my eyes at the trading platform, I went to work in the garden. In the second week, I had already made $900 in profit. In the third week I made $1500 and used $600 of what I’ve earned to redesign my little girl’s bedroom. Believe me, these were the sweetest $600 I’ve ever made. It was like getting my first paycheck.”

“With success came confidence and within a few months, Andy had holdings worth tens of thousands of dollars.”

With success came confidence, and within a few months, Andy had holdings worth tens of thousands of dollars. “I was still looking for work,” he says. “I am a working man. I don’t believe in spending my whole life in front of a screen, even though it was clear to me that I had found a great way to save and increase my capital. I need to work, man.”

A few more months have passed and the retailer that had fired Andy announced that it was about to close the branch altogether. At that point, Andy went back to his old workplace. This time though, he did not head for the store, but to the head office. After tough negotiations that lasted just over two weeks, Andy bought the store and is now turning it around so he can keep employing all of his old friends while also maximizing profits for his family. He renamed the business Jenny’s Place. “With a lot of work,” he said, “we might be able to open another store in 12-18 months. Can you imagine? Maybe one day, I’ll have my own chain – Jenny’s Chain!”

Asked if he stopped investing in the market, Andy replied
“Are you nuts? adding, “Lorena is dreaming of a new, bigger home and I believe that if I stick to the strategy I’ve been using until now, we can buy a house in less than a year. It’s true that I have less time to invest, but you’d have to be real dumb to give up such a good thing. I now spend fewer hours a day investing, putting less money into it, but thank God, I’m still making great money, even in months where the market isn’t doing great. So no, I am not considering ever giving up trading.”

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